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Harry Potter and the Lost Muggle Diaries

A Place for all Harry Potter Fans to Come and Share

The Harry Potter Fan Club
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This is a community for Harry Potter Fans.
It is a place for fans of the books/ movies to come together and enjoy our common interest
I ask that you all please keep all entry subject strictly related to Harry Potter topic.
Thank you for Joining and have fun!

General Rules to be followed:

1) Do not post promotions for other communities unless it is related to Harry Potter
2) Please put all pictures, icons, banners, or long entries behind an "lj-cut"
3) Please be nice to other members of the community
4) Understand that if anyone decides to create unnecessary dispute or is disrupting the well being of this community, he or she will be banned.
5) This is not a community for dirty pictures of the characters. The worst I want to see is a foul picture of Malfoy or such. ;)

Thanks....your Moderator, Sara